Information vs transformation

Information vs transformation

Today, all the people and organizations working in health and nutrition industry are facing a competitor that is impossible to beat. He is everywhere around us, in our pockets, on the screens, within just one click away from all the information in the world. His name is Google. We live in an age where information is abundant and free. Anyone who is trying to compete in providing information to people, is going to lose. Competing with Google is a losing game. (Ellsberg M., The importance of Transformation)

Nutrition is a very popular science, and modern generations like to talk about it a lot. It’s also a science about which many people have a respectful amount of knowledge compared to medicine, chemistry or physics. Many times when I talk to people about benefits of certain food, they have more information than I do. Nutrition is everywhere today: online, magazines, TV shows, social media, etc.

People who have a passion for helping others in achieving better, happier and healthier lives, should better accept this and start making a difference on a completely another level. Their competitive advantage should not be providing information; it should be providing help in people’s transformation. People can have all the information they need (and they usually do), but if transformation never happens, it’s worth nothing. Smokers are the best example. There is not a single smoker in the world who is smoking a cigarette and saying: ‘I think this is really good for me!’ Everyone knows it’s bad, but they still smoke.

I’ve been studying nutrition for some time now and I’ve been listening the lectures of the best nutrition experts in the world. As nutrition is still an emerging science, many of them have different perspective on what and how we should eat. The bottom line is that, for the needs of an average person, there are some basic principles that they all agree upon:
• Eat lots of leafy greens,
• Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts,
• Drink more water,
• Don’t eat sugar,
• Exercise every day.

These five simple rules have the power to change so many lives. Almost every person on earth knows that, but majority of people still don’t do it. Why? Why do people after all this information still eat junk food and sugars and don’t exercise? This phenomenon, this strange occurrence when somebody knows what is good for him and still does nothing about it, is something very interesting. There is certainly a huge potential in this field, towards helping people to live better and healthier lives.

It all leads to a conclusion that we need more specialists in the area of human transformation! (Ellsberg M., The importance of Transformation)

How do we help people to make the transformation in their lives?

For me, it’s the inspiration. I get inspired by true stories of people who are doing something different. Recently I read a story of a man who runs eight miles each day. His first run was on one beautiful sunset in 1975, and he has never missed one sunset since. Once again: he has never missed one sunset since. Stories like this makes me get out of the bed in the morning, many times before sunrise and do my own exercise, or any other type of work. If this man can run eight miles each day for 42 years, then how could I allow myself to be tired.

We all need inspiration and courage to make a change in our lives and you can’t learn it from the books. It has to be lived, it has to be demonstrated. True stories of real people can help us find the courage for making all the change we need.

Could a story like this help you to make a change in your life? If not, then what would?

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