Healthy life style – is it really worth it?

Healthy life style – is it really worth it?

So many times, I`ve heard people saying: “why do you practice and focus so much on nutrition? It’s a waste of time. There is no guarantee that if you eat certain food and exercise, you are going to live longer or avoid being sick, so it’s better to enjoy life and eat what you like”.

First of all, let me tell you this: the primary purpose of good nutrition and exercise is not to make your life longer (although there is a great possibility), but to make your life better. My interest in healthy life style started many years ago, but for the last couple of years I dived a little bit deeper into it. I try to exercise every day, I eat well-balanced food, I spend my time with positive-thinking and dedicated people, and it really works. Quality of my life has really improved.

But, what does it mean to have a better life? Is there a definition of a great life? I guess everyone has their own projection of it, but I think we can all agree on few general concepts. Let’s assume everyone wants to have a beautiful family to share the best moments with, everyone wants to have a great career in something that they have passion for, everyone wants to enjoy time with true friends by going to dinners, vacations, etc. In order to make all this possible, you need a certain amount of energy, each day.

In the career area, you have to push your creative and proactive side every day, and for that you need a special, finely tuned energy. Regardless of your position in the company, you need to ask yourself: am I doing my best every day to make this company stronger and better? Am I being creative and productive enough? I’m not talking here about the effort of coming and leaving the office on time and doing ordinary work in semi-automatic mode. I’m also not talking about the effort of having 5 meetings per day and discussing usual topics, which is all fine and implies a certain effort, but to be honest, it’s not a type of work that will make a difference. I’m talking about an effort where you sit in front of a blank piece of paper, thinking and creating something new. New ideas, new strategies, new concepts. I’m talking about making a difference every single day, for your company, yourself and the people around you. For this kind of effort, you need to be in a special state of mind, where you use your finest energy tanks.

And this is not enough. You are not finished with your day, because there is a family waiting for you at home and you are waiting to see them. You want to spend quality time with them, which includes talking, playing, exploring, travelling, meeting different people, etc. Think about how many times you didn’t have the energy to listen to your son`s story that was so important to him? How many times have you reacted too strongly and then regretted it afterwards? How many times have you had a negative reaction to your partner’s attitude or idea? In order to make all this work in the best way possible, you need a certain amount of positive attitude and tolerance, which is impossible without the fine levels of energy.

Try to think about the feeling when you finished a lunch that was just a little bit heavier on your stomach. Has your focus on the next daily task remained the same? Has your energy dropped? Was your level of productivity high enough to deal with the real challenge? Uhm, you`re not so sure?

All these things considered, I think there is a very obvious and strong connection between living a great and fulfilled life, eating well-balanced food and keeping your body fit. Without the fine levels of energy, it is very difficult to handle everyday challenges in the best possible way, especially on the long-term scale.

So, again, the point of living a healthy lifestyle is not only in avoiding disease or living longer, but in helping us reach our goals, which in turn will make us really satisfied with ourselves. Eventually, this will lead us to improved health and a greater life.

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